Fairytale Sessions

A girl holds a blade of grass during her child photography session.

The Fairytale Experience

Magic. It’s everywhere. The children’s eyes can just… twinkle.

The way a sunset can create a beautiful radiant glow.

The world is a truly enchanting place.

Kids photography shouldn’t just be a snap and go experience… it should be something much more amazing! Make sure that this year your kids photos are more than just memorable—they’re magical! Children young and old within Moreton Bay are invited to experience an hour of fantasy at a sunlit photography session with Skylight Snapshots. During the session you might just see a little fairy dust glistening in the sunlight… and you might feel like a Disney prince or princess — or even a superhero! Children may even get to find a special magic diamond in amongst the field to take home as a gift from the fairies. They will also get to walk the royal grounds and maybe even see a glimpse of a fairy! During this time they will be photographed in an authentic way that captures their innocence and love of everything magical.

The Fairytale Experience is strictly limited to one client per week as that enables me to source the perfect dress or skirt for your little one. Please note that if you have a young girl or boy that doesn’t wish to wear the dress/skirt I am more than happy to substitute it if required. The most important thing is that your child is happy. Your session will also be tailored to your child, no matter whether they love Elsa, Prince Charming, Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Yzma. You will receive a questionnaire upon booking your session so that the prompts and stories I use reflect their favourite magical or royal characters!

Sessions are held exclusively at Joyner (near Lake Samson) from 4:00 – 6:00 PM. To help add to the magical experience we will not be able to proceed with the session if it is rainy or too overcast. At booking you will be required to nominate a rain date so that worse case we have options available to us. Please arrive ten minutes prior to your session so that I can meet with your child and prepare them for the experience. Safety is also really important to me which is why I hold a blue card and ask for all Fairytale Session attendees to wear closed in shoes (adults too!)

You will find inspiration imagery below from a previous session—this is the amazing location we will be shooting at! To lock in your perfect session date please don’t hesitate in clicking the check availability link below to claim your date!

A boy looks surprised as he stares at the leaves below him at CREEC in Burpengary.
A young girl in Moreton Bay smiles as she looks at the camera.
A girl wearing a white dress sits in front of the camera at Burpengary with a slight smile.
A little girl in purple looks to her mother in Burpengary.
A young boy smiles as he looks off into the distance holding purple flowers.
A photograph of a young boy at Narangba holding up a leaf and smiling. It is sunset and the golden light illuminates his hair.
A young Brisbane girl laughs as she gestures to something behind her.
A boy looks at the camera after a small crying session.
A young girl in purple plays with a glittery gem in the grass.
A Burpengary girl reaches for a flower while staring at the camera.
A young boy in Narangba is clapping and smiling while staring at the camera.
A young boy staring off into the distance at Caboolture Region Environmental Education Centre.

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